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Sight-seeing loops

This selection of 5 trails leads you deep into the heart of the brand-new Préalpes d'Azur regional nature park and Nice's inland countryside
Designed specially for cycling tourists, these "discovery" trails immerse you in spectacular landscapes that will have you enthralled thanks to their gastronomy, geography, history. 

N° 1 - Between the Var and the Estéron


This well-frequented itinerary will let you discover the northern part of the Préalpes d’Azur regional nature park and its authentic villages.

Road bikes • +14 years • 36 kilometres • 1 day
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N° 2 - The "Route des Clues"


From the perched villages to the canyons, the wealth of its natural and cultural heritage makes the “Route des Clues” one of the most incredible itineraries for discovering the mountains of Provence; it is absolutely exceptional.

Road bikes • +16 years • 68 kilometres • 1 day
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N° 3 - The High Plains Circuit


This itinerary is at an average altitude of 1,000 metres,but only the very first kilometres are demanding. It will take you to the heart of the high plains of the Préalpes de Grasse.

Road bikes • +14 years • 42 kilometres • 1 day
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N° 4 - The "Balcons de l'Estéron"


Winding its way between the Var and the Estéron, enthusiasts of wild and of untouched nature will be enthralled by this stunning trail that offers breath-taking panoramic views.
Discover perched villages along the scintillating Estéron river.

Road bikes • +16 years • 88 kilometres • 1 day
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N° 5 - The Levens sculpture trails


Based between the Var and the Paillon, the Levens trails are located in Nice's inland countryside, in order to add some variety to your personalised itinerary.

Road bikes • +16 years • 16/60 kilometres • 1.5 hours/1 day
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