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The most beautiful natural sites

From one valley to the ext, the landscapes of the Alpes-Maritimes highlands and foothills have numerous facets, a constant source of amazement and wonder.
Among the natural sites in the grandiose landscapes that may be found in the department, here are the “must sees”, which we feel to be the most spectacular and beautiful.
Get your cameras ready! 


des Merveilles

An archaeological treasure with more than 30,000 carvings.
Parc National du Mercantour 


de Sestrières

A glorious forest with ancient larch trees.
Vallée de la Tinée



de Daluis

Grandiose, abrupt and hidden gorges, deeply carved by waters out of red schist.
Vallée du Var



Massifs du Cheiron
et de l’Audibergue

The balconies of the department, for a 360° view over the coast.
Préalpes d’Azur



The 3,000 
of the Mercantour

Climb the highest peaks: Gélas (3143 m), Chafrion (3073 m), Malédie (3059 m), Clapier (3045 m), Tenibre (3031 m), Corborant (3007 m). 


The Authion 

An extraordinary panorama over the Massif du Mercantour and the last foothills of the Alps plunging towards the Mediterranean.



Vens, Rabuons and Nègre Lakes

Spectacular mountain lakes.
Vallée de la Tinée




Magnificent emerald blue mountain lake.
Vallée de la Vésubie



Le Col
de la Bonette

The highest road pass in France.
Vallée de la Tinée



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