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A military heritage
Marked by the strong tensions between France and Italy, the end of the nineteenth and the beginning of the twentieth centure saw the construction of new works installed on mountain rides (Maginot line).
Dominating the amazing panoramas in mountain settings, discover the defensive works protecting strategic sites in our region.
Visits to forts


Hanging from the flank of a 780m peak overlooking the Bay of Menton, this structure housed the strongest artillery power on the Maginot line.
Fort of Sainte-Agnès

Forts of SOSPEL

Fortifications of Mont Barbonnet: a key structure on the Maginot line, culminating at 847 m.
Fort Saint Roch Alpine Fortifications Museum: one of the most fortified Maginot sites in France.
Fort of Mont Agaisen: a particularly well preserved site.

Tourist routes

The Authion circuit
A pilgrimage to the sites of mortal combat in 1794 and 1945. From Roya these can be accessed by the Maglia and Caïros routes. An unbeatable view: to the north over the Massif des Merveilles, Mercantour and the Italian Alpes, to the south over the coast of the Riviera dei Fiori and the Côte d'Azur.
Access to the fortified mountain of Authion-Turini is via three valleys, the Roya, the Bévéra and the Vésubie.
From the Redoute to the Pointe des Trois Communes (2,080 m), a unique panorama opens up over the Massif du Mercantour et des Merveilles and the shores of the Mediterranean.
The Turini circuit passes through fortifications built between 1920 and 1940, the Mille Fourches, La Forca, Cabanes Vieilles and Plan Caval .
Forts of the Col de Tende Route
The Pistes de Marguareis or the Route de l'Amitié
Discovering the French forts on the Alpine Maginot line, and the Italian forts facing them can be carried out by following two routes, through Alpine pastures to the French and Italian forts.
French side: access by the ancient Route du Sel or the Piste de Castérino.
Italian side: accessed by the paved road leaving from the north exit of Tende tunnel. From the imposing Fort Central, a panoramic view opens up over the whole valley. The circuit is a chance to visit Fort Pernante, Fort de la Margherie and Fort Giaure.


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