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Tourist routes
... following an extraordinary cultural and historic heritage

The Nisso-Ligure Baroque route
Discover 80 of the most beautiful monuments, sacred and secular, of a priceless architectural heritage: chapels, churches, palaces etc. dating from the end of the sixteenth to the beginning of the eighteenth century.
The  Route des Brea
This route explores the altarpieces created by the "Primitifs Niçois" schools (fifteenth and sixteenth centuries), which adorn the churches and chapels in the region.
The Authion circuit
The Massif de l'Authion has, in times past, been the scene of violent combat, from the fourteenth century to the final battles of 1945. You can visit numerous defensive structures built in grandiose style.
Forts of the Col de Tende Route
The French forts of the Alpine Maginot line and the Italian fortifications facing them can be discovered by two routes through Alpine pastures to the French and Italian forts.
The Route Napoléon
This retraces, from Golfe-Juan, the Emperor’s historic route taken when returning from the island of Elba in 1815. The route starts in the Pays de Grasse then follows national 85 through the Alps to Digne and Grenoble.
... natural riches

The Route des Grandes Alpes
From Lac Léman to the Mediterranean, the Route des Grandes Alpes offers, over almost 700 km and 16 mountain passes, the most beautiful of routes through the Wild Alps…
The Grand Tour du Parc National du Mercantour
Head off on a trip through two magnificent regions: Parc National du Mercantour and the Alpes-Maritimes.
The Via Alpina
5 international routes (from Monaco to Trieste), through 8 Alpine countries, encompass more than 5,000 km of paths on which you can discover the natural heritage of the Alps.
Hiking routes
5 routes cross the Alpes-Maritimes. 
Chemins du Soleil
A grand crossing of the Alpine foothills on mountain bike! The Chemins du Soleil offers 2 routes in the heart of nature, with over 1,000 km of marked routes.

from 14 to june 16, 2019
The French Riviera becomes the unique playing field of the Ultra-Trail® French Riviera Mercantour,
june 16 2019
A two-day traditional fête with local products for sale, street entertainment, arts and crafts,
from june 28 to july 21, 2019
Some twenty contemporary artists display their works in several venues or outdoors in the village
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